TEST DRIVE on the race track

August 28, 2013
Some ideas for team Building | PAUL RICARD - Cote d'Azur - FRANCE

Paul Ricard race track is the most prestigious track in France and one of the best in the world. The track is located in Provence, 70 km from Marseille and 25 km from Toulon on the plateau near the hill town of Castel. The track is built on the initiative of the famous French businessman and philanthropist Paul Ricard, whose name it bears to this day. In the early 2000s, the track was completely renovated and equipped with the latest technology of motor sport, combining modern design and safety.

The track at a Glance:
5861: the entire length of the route in meters
826: the length of the shortest interval in meters
12: The maximum path width in meters
10: The minimum track width in meters
1800: length of the straight segment of "Mistral" in meters
25: The number of bends (15 right and 19 left)
21: The length of the security fence in kilometers
38: the number of 4-color traffic lights
34: The number of control cameras

Program Test Drive

8:00 Meeting of participants, the grouping.
Transfer to the track.
8:15 Briefing on piloting and safety
8:30 Start of test
Group 1: Piloting avtomobilety Audi R8 V10
Group 2: slalom for karting
12:00 Lunch in the Panoramic Restaurant «VIP»
13:00 Briefing on piloting and safety
13:15 Continuation of tests
Group 1: Slalom-kart
Group 2: Piloting Audi R8 V10
17:00 Transfer to the electric car to the bus

Piloting CAR AUDI R8 V10

A group of 25 people divided into two subgroups.

Each subgroup in turn passes through the following workshops and tests:
- Education braking sports car (25 Minutes)
- Education choosing the right path sports car (25 min.)

Then, for interior drive-test in a sports car: 6 laps for each participant with selfcontrolled car.

In the order of the group have 5 cars Audi R8 V10 and the car-lighthouse with a professional pilot, who heads a race drive-test that allows participants to drive a car, following a car beacon. The remaining members of the band are in a panoramic tower, located in the middle of the route, from where they can observe the tests and where they are offered open bar (no alcohol) to enjoy spending time waiting for their test.
After finishing the test, each participant will be "speedy baptism" with a professional pilot at the wheel.

SLALOM karting

Karting - sport and entertainment, racing on the cards - just a racing chassis-cabs. The rate card can be up to 260 km / h.

Karting is a sport for some, the first step in motor sport, for others - expensive but fascinating hobby. Most of the drivers in Formula 1 started his career in karting, among them Michael Schumacher, Mika Hakkinen, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel.
There are karts. Group is divided into two subgroups.

After the instruction and putting on special overalls, each participant does qualification race for 5 minutes. Then race on speed is organized. Each participant controls the kart alone for 10 minutes. The Group is in constant motion, as the race is held in the form of a relay race. It will be the ceremony of awarding prizes and certificates after the end of the race.



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